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APPLE WATCH STRAPS - How do I know what to order?
Click on the blog link above which has all the information for width and whether you need the after market adapters.  For length assessment check out point 2 below in the FAQ. 
How do I know what WIDTH and LENGTH I need?
Width:  To know the width you will need to know the width of the lugs on your watch.  The lugs are the little arms off the side of the case.  They are usually expresed in millimeters ex: 18mm - 20mm - 22mm - 24mm etc...  I currently offer tapered width straps of 24x22 - 26x24 - 26x22 - 27x24 - 27x22.

Length:  Expressed in mm with the first number indicating the length of the buckle piece and the second the length of the tail. To know what length you need you can take a piece of string or flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist where you wear your watch. You can lay the string out and measure it in inches. The reference measurements below let you know what length to order so that the fit will be similar to the original strap. You should consider if you like your strap to fit longer for a more vintage look or if you have a smaller case you can go a little longer as well, you may want to go shorter if you have a case larger than 47mm wide.

5.0" - 5.5"   (12.7cm - 14cm)    =  65mm x 100mm (strap length)
5.5" - 6.0"   (14cm - 15.2cm)    =  70mm x 110mm
6.0" - 6.24" (15cm - 15.9cm)    =  75mm x 120mm 
6.25" - 6.9 (16cm - 17.5cm)     =  75mm x 125mm
7.0" - 7.4" (17.6cm - 18.9cm)   =  80mm x 130mm
7.5" - 7.9" (18.9cm - 20cm)      =  85mm x 135mm
8.0" - 8.4" (20.1cm - 21.3cm)   =  90mm x 140mm
8.5" - 9.0" (21.4cm - 23cm)      =  100mm x 150mm
How do I order and pay and what does the price include?
Browse through the selection of straps on the website. Once you find the style you would like to order, you are able to build your strap all on one page. You will be prompted to select width, length, number of keepers, and the buckle of your choice. Please fill in the box for the make and model of watch this strap will be going on. If you would like to make any customizations to the strap, please make a note of this in the customization box. Once all the information is filled in, you can add the strap to your cart and either continue to shop around or you can check out and pay via PayPal or major credit card.

PAYMENT - When you go to the check out page, you will be able to pay via PayPal, major credit card or you can select alternate payment method. If you select alternate payment, I will be notified and will be in touch regarding payment, your strap will not be built until payment is resolved.

Price includes:  The hand made strap, standard buckle (non-custom or laser cut buckle)  and delivery via first class mail (USA, internationl shipping not included) unless we work out another shipping method. NOTE: ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED VIA FED EX 3 DAY WITH FULL TRACKING.
How long does it take to receive the strap after I have ordered?
This can vary week to week but right now I am about 30 days out for completion of the strap and then you can expect 2-4 days for delivery depending on where you live. NOTE: Occasionally an international strap can get held up at customs for a few days. In 9 years, I have only had 4 straps not arrive or get lost in transit, please be patient.  Pre-made or synthetic straps will be sent out the next day. 
HOW and WHERE do you ship and what's the COST for shipping?
For domestic orders (USA) your strap is shipped USPS first class mail which usually takes 1-3 days.  The price listed on the strap includes shipping in the US.  I ship most anywhere worldwide so no need to email and ask as you will be given a country selection on check out.  I ship via FedEx Priority International, which takes about 3 days and provides tracking.  I have a great rate through FedEx and only ship this way after encountering long delays with standard shipping and straps sometimes getting lost.  International pricing is between $16-30 depending on your country.   While going through the ordering process you will be able to select your country and the cost of shipping will be determined at that time.
Should I email you to find out when my strap has been shipped?
Please do NOT email unless it has been greater than 6 weeks since you placed your order. Answering multiple emails takes away from build time! Thank you.
Is the LOUIS VUITTON - Gucci - Goyard strap made from Authentic material?
Yes, they are all 100% authentic.  This is not a licensed Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Gucci, Rawlings product, it is handcrafted w/care from a legally purchased Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Gucci, Rawlings item material. TheStrapSmith Inc. is not affilated with or sponsored by Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Gucci, Rawlings.
What if I want a custom designed buckle?
If you would like to work on a custom designed buckle you can email me what you would like as well as renderings if you have them.  NOTE:  the minimum order for any custom buckle is 5 and they are $39 each for sewn in and $69 for screw in.  They all must be either sewn in OR screw in and be of the SAME SIZE as mixing is not possible unless you order another 5.  They only come in brushed finish or torched but I can PVD them (black) for another $10 per buckle.
What if I have a problem with my strap when it arrives?
Email your concerns to support@thestrapsmith.com and I will work very hard to make sure you are satisfied.
What brands of watches do you make straps for?
I can make straps for almost any brand of watch with the exceptions of brands that have unusual lug attachements for the strap or require a fixed hard plastic or brass piece to fit (ex. Linde Werdelin, some AP's etc...) I specialize in straps for Panerai, Bell&Ross, IWC, Rolex, Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Sohne, Omega, Breitling, Jaeger Le-Coultre, Longines, Tudor, Cartier, Chopard, Hamilton, Shinola, Sinn, Franck Muller, Fortis, Graham, Lum-Tec, U-BOAT and many more.

EXCLUSIONS: are some AP's with the notched attachment, Tag's, Some Oris divers. 
Do you send photos of the build process or when the strap is finished?
In trying to get you your strap sooner I have elected to not do this.  It is time consuming and slows down my build time.  Thank you for your understanding.
What if I have a deployant buckle, can I use it on the strap?
I am not making for deployant at this time, each one is different in thickness and attachment.
How thick are your straps?
They range from 3.6 to 5mm thick.  I can adjust the thickness a little for you making it more or less thick if need be.  I generally try to make them around 4-4.2mm thick.
Do I need to apply leather conditioner to my strap?
Leather conditioner and or cleaner will help to preserve your leather over time.  I currently only apply leather conditioner to my vintage straps as the other leathers are new and do not need it right away.  When conditioning your strap you should apply sparingly at first working in a circular motion.  Note: some conditioners will darken your strap more than others but each is sure to darken it a bit.  Some conditioners that I suggest are:  Blackrock and Dr. Jackson's Hide Rejuvenator, both of which you can find online.  Leather will naturally patina over time giving it that worn in vintage feel. 
Can you make me a strap out of my own leather/material?
Most likely, yes.  Please send an email to support@thestrapsmith.com of what you have in mind, including a photo if possible and I will get back to you with my thoughts on what we can do.  As for a discount because you are providing the material, it is actually much more time consuming to work this way as the leather item or material has to be deconstructed and often cleaned before starting the build process so I don't usually offer a discount and each project will be priced individually.
Why are your straps more expensive than some other brands and less than others?
Each strap is individually made custom to your specifications, each keeper is fit perfectly to your strap.  I use only the finest leathers from around the world.  One of the most time consuming portions of building the strap is the stitching, each strap is hand stitched which takes up to 30-35 minutes, where as, when stitched on a sewing machine, the time is reduced to 60-90 seconds.  Some of the other makers are claiming all hand made when they are truly not.
Do you make straps with curved ends that form to the case?
I do not make curved end straps but if you have curved spring bars the strap will form slightly to the case.  Otherwise it'll fit and look like a standard strap on most watches. 
Do you make tapered straps and if so what tapers?
Unless specified, all straps are cut straight (example: 26x26, 24x24). You will see all the options once you click on a strap and select WIDTH.

2mm Taper (example: 26x24, 24x22, 22x20, 20x18)
3mm Taper (example: 27x24, 25x22)
4mm Taper (example: 26x22, 24x20, 20x16)
5mm Taper (27x22, 25x20)

I can also do reverse tapers to accomodate odd lug sizes such as 21x22.
Do you make rolled edge straps?
Not at this time.
Do I need to use tubes in the end of my strap if I have a spring bar attachment?
NO!  If your strap attaches by spring bars, rather than a screw type set-up, you should not use metal tubes in the end of your strap.  If you insert the spring bars through the tube and then connect the strap you will not be able to access the spring bar again in the metal tube and you will have to cut the strap off of your watch in order to remove the strap.