Rob, Received the strap today. I can't believe how it has transformed this watch. It is by far the nicest looking strap I have ever seen. BTW: It fits PERFECTLY. What is the length so I will know for future reference? This strap has made the 232 look nicer than my 13K 233! FANTASTIC! Thanks again Rob.

By coincidence I discovered the straps of Rob and ordered one to see if it is the real deal. Within a couple of days I already had it at home. It looked great so I ordered a couple more. The straps fit nicely on my wrist and make the watches look better on my photos. I bought several straps from all the known strap-makers in the business. I like all of them and will keep buying from some of them, but for me Rob is the best. He has his own style and high quality skills, combined with his excellent customer service. He is always pro-active and gives you nice suggestions. This is why he is simply the best in the business.

-Bidle aka Ard from the Netherlands

I must say the strap I received this last week from you has me blown away. I own Paci's, Strapmasters, Dirks, OEMs, Simonas, as well as many others. Your attn to detail and presentation is 2nd to none. The postcard is a nice touch as well. I look forward to purchasing from you again, and thus the purpose of my email. I am looking for a special strap for my 232 and would like a suggestion from you. I am in your capable hands!


Hi Rob I opened the strap box today and I love this strap Your packing and shipment care taken was super. The strap itself is so good and wonderful it brought tears to my eyes. It much more than I had hoped for. Thanks my friend. Talk to you soon. You are a true artist.


Hey Rob I am speechless... it goes beyond my expectation. The color, stitching, and the texture is superb! Not to mention your craftsmanship... boy oh boy... couldn't ask more! It really makes a great pair with my 249 - see attachment. Wife also likes it very very much - that's great! :) Thanks again. You are da man!


Rob, I received my vintage leather strap last Thursday, and it is exactly what I was envisioning. The color and condition of the leather is spot-on. The craftsmanship is top notch. The strap fits perfectly around my wrist on the middle hole. You really create a fine product! This has changed the character of my watch entirely. The strap (with its WWII leather and olive green thread) now gives my "new" watch a real vintage-military look, which is in-line with the history of Panerai watches.

Hi Rob, I just got back from Cuba yesterday and got your package. WOW!! It is the most beautiful strap that I have ever seen, The craftsmanship, the quality, the details... All top notch (love the personalised box as well). Thank you so much for making such a nice strap for me. I can't wait to show everyone. Truly amazing. Thanks again so much


Hi Rob Just received the strap. It is absolutely superb and even better than i expected.Already on the 24 and on the wrist as i write. Thanks again. Sure do to business again. Cheers again


Rob- The strap arrived today and was waiting in my study for me when I got home from work. What a beautiful piece of work! Love it! Hope to have pictures up on the forum as soon as I can. Thanks again and I'm sure this will be the first of MANY future orders. It was a true pleasure dealing with you and, as I said before, the end product is superb. Have a great week!


Hi Rob, Thank you very much. The strap came in the mail today, and it is wonderful. So Comfortable to wear and it looks amazing. You do great work. Thank you so much.

Hello Rob, WOW, WOW, WOW,,,, thank you very much !!! Straps came today and they look just fantastic. I'm wearing my already. Wife is not home yet, but I know she will love it. Excellent craftsmanship and I will be thinking about some brown vintage straps pretty soon. Thank you again Robert.

-Jan and Helen

I got a cool watch as a gift that was a wonderful watch, but with a cheap nylon band. The additional problem I had was that the watch had fixed posts and I could not use an aftermarket band, at least not that I could figure out. I found Rob on the web and after an email exchange, he suggested I pick out a band, order it, and send him the watch. He then sewed the band on to the watch with its fixed posts. It looks perfect and I couldn't be happier. Even my wife, who gave me the watch and I worried about upsetting, thinks it's wonderful!

-Tom P

Wow....I received my strap today for my new Bell & Ross Diver and I am beyond impressed with the quality, look and feel of the leather. It far exceeded my expectations. The leather Bell & Ross straps are junk in comparison and I think they should commission you to make ALL of their straps for every watch they build. I will definitely be ordering more very soon. Thanks for an amazing strap and outstanding service, Rob and Winter.


I have ordered 2 straps for my IWC Pilot from the Strap Smith.  I have to say that the quality of the workmanship and customer service that I have received on both orders was amazing.  I now have a leather and ballistic nylon strap for the watch and can switch depending on where I am wearing it.  The straps that I picked out really personalize the watch to me and make it unique, and the large buckle really stands out making it catch the eyes of other admirers.  I am starting to fill out my collection and will only buy straps from Rob moving forward as his stuff is just the best.  Keep up the great work!

-Alex J, Ashburn VA